Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tick-Tock Tics

Microwave countdown.  Always a HUGE hit for Scooter Boy.  Not with his big bro, who's been sick with feverish flu  on his spring break, BOO! Nickerdoodle has been grumpy and Scooter's counting has gotten on his last nerve these days of cooped-up-ness.  Scooter has taken it to heart and stifled his counting.  He sat watching the microwave silently, even though his brother wasn't in the kitchen.


Whimper, whimper.  

"I just can't get the numbers out of my head."

No explanation needed.  I grabbed his Kindle Fire that I haven't yet mastered, and searched out Countdown and Stop Watch apps.  This will help our lives immensely.  My Scooter asks about time incessantly: how long until, how long will it take.  How many seconds is the standard in the car.  Long trips test my decades-old triple+ place value math-in-my-head skills.  I'll need to show him a calculator app to track his own seconds.

He said in an incredulous voice later, "I can't believe it.  My own countdown app.  I love it."  
He could not have been happier if I'd given him a winning MegaMillions $640 mil ticket.  Ok, exaggeration...but you get it if you have an OCD kiddo.

Melt. My. Heart.  I love it too, my sweetiepie.  I've been planning to search it out for awhile, but always get sucked into finding games for him instead.  Go figure.

I'm incredibly impressed that Scooter's beginning to verbalize his anxiety and know what he needs.  My teen doesn't know that skill; hey I don't some days (other days I say it a wee bit too loudly).  ;O  We've come soooooo far.  So glad to find something to put your order on our busy world, in your language.  In fact, everyone who jumps in our car will be happier.  ;D

I'll update later with the winner that works best for the counting OCD behavior.  

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