Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just Dandy

Another sweet story today. G got off the bus after school with a business-like air. I started my daily social skills ritual: trying to pull information and small talk out out of him which doesn't come easy most days.  I asked him how his lunch was, if he finished it all, etc.

He interupted my stream of 20 questions with, "I've got something in my backpack!"

I said, "Oh really, did you save some of your lunch for later?" 

He replied, "No...there's something in there and it's for YOU!"  And with a smile looked me straight in the eye - bonus! I asked if it was a Mother's Day present, and he said no, while feverishly checking all the compartments, unzipping and feeling around, looking for his treasure.  He finally exclaimed, "Here it is!", pulled out a crumpled up dandelion, fluffed it up, and handed it to me. He made a big show of taking a big sniff and saying how great it smelled, and of course I did too!

~ Instant Heart Melt: Just Add Tears~   Sniff sniffle

I asked if he picked it at recess, and he quizzically said, "No, I picked it at SCHOOL."  I imagined he was thinking, 'Duh, I just got home from school, not someplace called recess!' I'm pretty sure he doesn't know/understand the word recess.  :}

N's 1st flower gift to me was in Indiana, M's at our last home, now G here. N and M were about 2ish, G is 4.5...I simply forgot that I was waiting for this moment.  He picked a flower for me because he knew I'd enjoy it.  He was excited to give it to me, he remembered (obsessively of course), and was proud. What a milestone for my little sweetie!

I'm blown away at his progress these past few months. PROGRESS is my Mother's Day present. I'm doing it right. He'll get there, I just know it.

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