Thursday, May 6, 2010

Name Game

Tonight I was reading a story where a main character's name was one letter off from G's name. My 4 year old G kept stopping me to see "his name" on the page. The fact that it was spelled differently than his mystified him. He got his funny furrowed brow working, the one that M and I love. He became a bit obsessed with it, flipping pages backwards and forwards to see this strange name that was his, but not his.

I tried to explain it many times, citing examples of names and words that can be spelled differently, yet sound the same. I told him that my name is Patti, P-a-t-t-i, but some people who have that name spell it P-a-t-t-y or P-a-t-t-i-e.

With a serious, sad expression G said, "You mean your name isn't M-O-M anymore?"

And so the discussion on titles ensued... :}

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