Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kinder-Guarding G: Off to a Great Start


First day jitters…As I checked my phone for the 16th time in 2 hours, the email notification twinkled.  I opened the browser to see that G’s kindergarten teacher sent an email – yikes!  I opened it, heart racing. 

G’s having a wonderful day! 

2011-09-07 kindergarten bus ride!Short and simple, the sweetest words I could have hoped for.   Woot!   Biggest. Smile. Ever.  I quickly forwarded the note to my husband, with a “Wow!”.  I also sent his teacher a quick reply to tell her how appreciative I was for the update, so glad he was doing good!

Heavy sigh of relief, relax your shoulders, Mama Quirky.

G got off the bus with a giant grin and began twirling his coat around, running ahead of the pack to get home.  The first thing he did when he got inside was to pull out a drawing he made in school.  He explained that they were to draw their favorite thing (about school I think).  He drew himself with a book and a racetrack…quite obviously theySAMSUNG don’t have garbage trucks!   Love his 3 hairs.  Open-mouthed smile







G then ran off to play Wii…or so I thought.  He yelled out that he’d made a new best friend in kindergarten.  I was ecstatic!  That was all he was going to share, but what he shared was amazing.  He spent the next hour creating Mii’s on the Wii.  This was an activity he  used to do a long time ago, when he 2011-09-07 G classmate mii friendswas much less verbal.  I indulged him because it’s people-oriented and creative.  At times we had hundreds of odd looking little Mii’s, he’d put beards on foreheads and moustaches on girls, always dressed in green.  Always good for entertainment, except when he’d change other player’s Mii’s and get his sibs in a snit.  Can you see me?  I’m not wearing my favorite purple (Daddy is!), but I’m the only blonde  - interesting.  Apparently parental Mii’s are sacred from G’s changes, though I’ve only played Wii once.  lol

But today he re-created his kindergarten classmates, starting with his new best friend. 



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