Friday, October 11, 2013

Star Struck

G was Star of the Week in his 2nd grade class the 1st full week of school. Each day we were assigned a different fun project to introduce him to his classmates. I was thrilled that he was chosen so early in the schoolyear. It gave us the opportunity to get him talking about himself to his peers and sharing items that are important to him. You know, like real social stuff!
I was tickled to read his "About Me" poster that he'd filled in at school.
I quizzed his siblings to guess what his answer was for the question, "I'm a star because...". Like me, they both predicted it would be something about his Minecraft skills (obsession).
What a delightful surprise! I'm gratified that our consistent stream of hugs, cuddles, laughs and chatter is breaking through. His family IS actually more important to him than Minecraft. Imagine that. He never ceases to amaze us. You're absolutely right Super Star, we DO love you most.

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