Friday, October 11, 2013

Get Your Quirks On!

You're cordially invited to:

Invite all your friends! Please share.

Families and caregivers touched by special needs/autism need a perky party! Find your happy place. Share your priceless stories, photos, videos, drawings, parody, someecards, sound bytes, creations... of quirky FUN!
Facebook special needs pages and groups are full of info, news, questions, trauma, heartbreak, fear, help, sharing, caring and love. I love all of it. I couldn't cope without my precious Facebook support in my isolated world.

But, what's missing? Laughs! A sweet spot to share our playful, adorable, gleeful, zany treasured stories.

Special needs parenting often brings zany ridiculous moments to the mix. All parents have stories about the amusing things their kids say or do. We all have memories of hysterical times with teachers, therapists, friends, strangers. A twist of the mundane can turn silly. Let's shine some light on our lives. Spread humor to celebrate our random moments of comic relief.

Please submit your merriment to:

Or post it to Facebook page:
All in a Day's Quirks

Necessary Warnings:

Safety First: Remember that I can't control the audience. Feel free to change names if you like, and consider omitting any identifying info. The web is a creepy place at times.

Poking fun at special needs will not be tolerated. Content of poor taste will be removed promptly. No flames whatsoever. Bully Free Zone.

Grins and giggles are warmly welcomed. Spread a bit of love, support, cheer, whimsy, MAGIC! Support spoken here. Feel. The. Love.

Life's a laugh riot. Get your quirks on!


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